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journal for qualitative research

ISSN 1211-5770
Registration code MK ČR: E 8364
Published by the civil association Casopis Biograf
Krompach 26, 47157
ICO: 27003213
Two issues per year.
Editor-in-chief: Barbora Spalová (

How to submit?

In our editorial work we follow internationally recognized ethical principles and rules, which we consider binding for our authors as well – Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement for download in PDF.

We accept contributions via e-mail, preferable in PDF or MS Word. If you do not speak Czech or Slovak, you can submit a paper in English. However, please note that we are able to publish translations only occasionally, depending on available financial resources and translators' capacities. Peer review would proceed before eventual publication in English.

Please add a brief author's biography (e.g., where you work, your area of study and research, publications etc. - 50-200 words) both in Czech/Slovak and English, the title of your contribution in English, and the full bibliography (see the example below). For contributions to the section Papers, please also include an English abstract.

We do not compensate contributions. Authors may request the right to publish the texts in other publications from the editorial office.

Brief rules about the text layout and bibliography:

  • Minimize the special text formatting (page format, fonts, margins etc.).
  • Only the title of the article and subtitles of sections of the article should be in bold.
  • Shorter quotations should be inlined and put in quotation marks; longer quotations should be placed in indented paragraphs.
  • In case you use a more elaborate transcription conventions, add a legend on marks used. A printout should accompany the electronic version of the contribution.
  • References should be written as follows:

"...Richards (1994) or Jones (1977:33) write about it ..."
"A number of authors dealt with this problem (Richards 1994; Jones 1977 etc.)."

STEIER, F. (1991): Reflexivity and methodology: An ecological constructionism. In: F. Steier, ed.: Research and reflexivity. London: Sage. Page. 163-185
WOOLGAR, S. / PAWLUCH, D. (1985): Ontological gerrymandering: The anatomy of social problems explanations. Social Problems, 32 (3): 214-227
BECK, U. (1992): Risk society: Toward a new modernity. London: Sage

Original articles are peer-reviewed by two anonymous reviewers (double blind review). The reviewers often belong to the Editorial Board, in some cases we also consult external reviewers.