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journal for qualitative research

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Biograf 2022/75

When homo academicus cares

Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků

When homo academicus cares

The text elaborates on Adriana Jesenková’s contribution, which presents the ethics of care as a philosophical topic and a practical problem. First, I critically relate to the thesis that the ethics of care is an inherently democratising mechanism. I raise the question of the status of care in non-democratic political regimes, or, more generally, in conditions of disrupted social solidarity. This is followed by a brief discussion of the role of less visible actors of care, be it men or the natural and cultural environments of human societies. To the topic of caring research, I add some personal comments on the organisational limits of caring research at universities which adopt a neoliberal mode of operation. In this context, I draw readers’ attention to the potential of the universities’ mission statements to be applied to develop caring research as a mainstream practice of academic operation. Finally, I emphasise the importance of caring as an ethical principle and argue against its thorough monetarisation.


ethics of care; crisis of social cohesion; marginalised care; participative action research (PAR); university mission statement.

Associated with texts:

JESENKOVÁ, A. (2022): Feministická etika starostlivosti ako východisko pre starostlivé skúmanie starostlivosti [Feminist ethics of care as a starting point for careful research of care]. Biograf (75-76): 41 paragraphs. Available at

Biograf themes:

School and education; Ethical and legal aspects of research; Care and maintenance


SIDIROPULU JANKŮ, K. (2022): Když homo academicus pečuje [When homo academicus cares]. Biograf (75-76): 39 paragraphs. Available at [last access17. 04. 2024]


Tento text vznikl v rámci projektu „Doma ve městě UNESCO: Hmotný a nehmotný veřejný prostor měst se zvláštní památkovou ochranou, pilotní projekt Telč“ (PID TL02000409), který v letech 2019–2022 řeší ČVUT, MU a Neogenia s.r.o. se státní podporou Technologické agentury ČR v rámci programu ÉTA.

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