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journal for qualitative research

ISSN 1211-5770
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Published by the civil association Casopis Biograf
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Biograf 2020/71

Political imagination workshop: Reflection on researcher’s influence on participants

Pavel Doboš; Terezie Lokšová; Ester Topolářová

Political imagination workshop: Reflection on researcher’s influence on participants

Doing research creates complex ethical situations with which we need to grapple. The research design discussed in this article was supposed to lead the participants to create an ideal vision of future society and reflect their values. Instead, it led to the affirmation of participants’ values. Ester began a conversation with Pavel and Terezie regarding the ethical aspects of research, vis-à-vis this particular research project as well as in general, by asking whether it is ethical to design research which confirms values that are ethically disagreeable to the researcher. Through the conversation, the authors discussed the ethics of research not only towards participants but also in relation to the researcher and society. While it is inevitable that research influences participants, it does not imply that every research activity must aim at influencing the values of participants, nor that it cannot do so if sufficiently reflected. Each author added their views. Terezie scrutinised the research design and proposed potential design improvements. Pavel contributed with ‘not only/but also’ logic of research and the ‘tripartite impossibility’ in relation to research ethics. At the end, Ester returned to her research project and reflected whether it would be ethical for her to conduct it if redesigned.


Research design, research ethics, position of the researcher, values, consensus, agonism.

Biograf themes:

Methodology of qualitative research; Politics, power and dominance; Ethical and legal aspects of research


DOBOŠ, P. / LOKŠOVÁ, T. / TOPOLÁŘOVÁ, E. (2020): Workshop politické imaginace: Reflexe vlivů výzkumu na participující [Political imagination workshop: Reflection on researcher’s influence on participants]. Biograf, 71-72: 51-62. Avalaible at: [last access27. 01. 2022]

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