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journal for qualitative research

ISSN 1211-5770
Registration code MK ČR: E 8364
Published by the civil association Casopis Biograf
Krompach 26, 47157
ICO: 27003213
Two issues per year.
Editor-in-chief: Barbora Spalová (

Mission of the journal

Contents of the section:

Aims and scope:

Biograf is a small Czech and Slovak sociological journal. We publish empirical, methodological as well as theoretical articles devoted to qualitative research - biographical approaches, grounded theory, ethnomethodology, discourse analysis, conversational analysis, hermeneutics, reflexive sociology, interactionism. In essence, we focus on the kind of sociological research dominated by words and narratives, not numbers. Although the journal's main subject area is sociology, it also touches other disciplines, such as linguistic, anthropology and history.

Biograf is released two times a year (usually in June and November), both in print and on line. The submitted articles are reviewed anonymously.

The journal is included in ERIHPLUS, European reference index for Humanities and Social sciences, and in the list of peer reviewed journals approved by the Research, Development and Innovation Council of Czech Republic.

Malpractice statement:

In our editorial work we follow internationally recognized ethical principles and rules – PDF document for download.

The main rubrics of the journal:

This section includes peer-reviewed scientific articles, i.e., empirical, theoretical and methodological papers related to qualitative research. It also includes translated pieces that have originally been published elsewhere.

Each issue usually includes a set of responses to one of the articles published in the Papers section, followed by a response by the author of the article. Along with these exchanges, there is also space for comments and criticism on other matters of interest.

This section includes reports on conferences, scholarships, and research projects, literature excerpts and overviews, sample chapters from books and volumes, research notes and short reflections.

This section produce reviews of recent books, book series, software packages, films, and CD-ROMs. We prefer critical reviews or review essays rather than brief summaries and sketchy information on new books.

Information about the publisher:

Since September 2005 Biograf is published by the civic association Časopis Biograf [The Biograf Journal], which has been registered by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic June 29, 2005 (reg. number VS/1-1/61 275/05-R). The chairman of the association is Zdeněk Konopásek.

Contact adress:
Časopis Biograf
Krompach 26, 47157

Identification data:
IČ: 27003213
DIČ: CZ27003213

Bank account:
account number: 0222027399/0800
bank name & address: Ceska sporitelna (Strossmayerovo nam. 1, 170 21 Praha 7, CZ)
IBAN: CZ65 0800 0000 0002 2202 7399

A note on history:

The journal was founded in 1994 as Biograf Bulletin and registered under the shorter name Biograf in 1996 (ISSN 1211-5770) as the journal of the civic association Biograf - Association for Biographical and Reflexive Sociology. Then, up to August 2005, the journal was published by the Virtual Institute, a non-profit organization. On November 25, 1999, the periodical was registered under the number MK ČR E 8364.